5 Tips to Networking Like a Real Professional

The importance of networking can not be overstated enough, it is the primary and highly rated basis of finding jobs, employees, partnerships and new business opportunities. Networking has become comparatively easier through social media platforms and professional networking websites. However, with these platforms the over ruling factor of flooded emails, invites and requests tend to accumulate and overshadow people and their presence. Here are 5 tips as food for thought going out to those who seek innovative ways of networking amongst large group of people

1) Create Blogs with gripping and informative content

One way to form a lasting impression is to connect via a touchpoint where constant information exchange and updates can take place. Moreover, the engaging nature of a blog gives more opportunities of building a rapport and developing mutual interests along with informal conversation that can sprout into a productive result for both parties involved. Having the blog link printed on business card or on the public social media profile can be a lead for networking through this means.

2) Outline goals and monitor success

A haywire message that is self-introductory and entails a little information about associated corporations or institutes is quite the ritual of what people come across while networking online. Set goals, of say introducing to branches of the industry, a certain corporate level and developing an on-going relationship that can be monitored in terms of growth and benefit. While networking is being considered, growth is the number of times a meaningful, engaging conversation strikes between two people and benefit is, whether it is taking forward some action or not. A meeting, referral, recommendation, job opportunity etc are some of the benefits.

3) Scrutinize common mindsets and converse over it

Small talk is a necessity while creating new and professional relationships, for introverts at times bringing up a conversation that does not seem too odd is quite a task. Step back, take a couple of seconds and gulp in what the other person seems like in appearance. A laptop, dressing style, body language and other factors give out heaps of signals of what the personality type might be. According to the given situation, choose the opening sentence and conversation style from formal to informal, work introduction to college connections, whatever suits in the given time.

4) Prepare relevant questions appear informed and updated

In order to network professionally, the ups and downs of the market situation and some key points must be handy while commencing a conversation. It is undoubtedly essential to be prepared, look what’s happening in competitor’s organizations, what are the latest market trends and forecasts and prepare questions that would lead to an open ended conversation ending with the exchange of business cards.

5) Be comfortable and confident

Last but not the least, this is one very important factor. Many people come under the pressure of forming a positive and fruitful impression on the other person and in this quest suppress original personality way too much, eventually the outcome seems quite fake and unattractive. Professional networking platforms and meetings can prove to be demanding, but too much peer pressure must not develop. People like to connect with and form relationships with those who are confident and comfortable in their own shoes.

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How Can You Get the Experience to Land the Top Jobs on Wall Street

For those who aspire to become successful, rich, reputed and rich again, often have the ideal scenario of working for something as big as Wall Street. Financial analysts, bankers, brokers and the lot have been there and done that. Applied, re-applied, followed up and then when there were ‘no current openings’ or ‘ will get in touch soon’ replies received, a different organization contract was preferred. The question is, what is it about Wall Street that keeps so many analysts and bankers away from it? The Ivy League degree vs community college reputation or presentable and cutting edge competitive individual who is able to impress the board of interviewers?

One fact is clear though, Wall Street prefers hiring top University graduates, and once a person has passed through that particular phase, there is hardly any turning back. Many do not opt for community colleges out of choice, it is deliberate due to economic or other reasons clinging on to an individual. If college selection, scoring higher grades, getting scholarships and being transferred has passed away, worry no more, read on to find out what can be done in order to secure a seat at the famous Wall Street.

Get an MBA from a Top 10 Business School

Getting an MBA is almost a no brainer. The competitive job openings at Wall Street usually cater to applicants coming from renowned universities. Part of the preference decision is due to the polished work ethics, professionalism, faculty at the University and the eventual impact on the overall quality of the applicant. If college undergrad degree is not from where Wall Street prefers, then going back and applying for a masters degree can prove to be an investment worth considering. The eventual turnover and returns of having a reputable degree outweigh the time and money invested in the program.

Work through Internships and Unpaid Work Opportunities

People put at stake monetary benefit when the opportunity to rub shoulders with the leaders of an industry comes through. The whole sole aim is to network and build contacts with the leaders so that there is a fine chance of proving personal strengths and abilities. To make sure an event of the sort takes place, even if an unpaid internship comes along it must not be overlooked. The subsequent advantage of networking and stepping foot in a large organization is nonforfeitable. One must remember, if not anything else, there will be relevant experience and some good recommendations backing up the resume for future possibilities and job opportunities.

Get Plenty of Internships During Your Undergrad

There is an on-going trend where agencies and consultancies keep organizing trainings and certifications programs. The lead speakers or trainers are invited from big organizations, such as the Wall Street, attending such programs is a pro from all sides. Not only does it goes a great insight into the latest happenings and working standards in the industry, but a good chance of networking and having small talk with the company representative can be availed. It might not be possible to have a detailed one on one considering the number of people who would be in que to do the same thing, but simply getting hold of a business card and then following up can be a really good idea. Apart from the networking opportunity, the relevant certification is also an add up on the resume.

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The 5 Highest Paying Jobs in New York

Global competition in some of the leading professional jobs leads to considerable confusion as to which profession actually has greater monetary reward in store especially in highly competitive and roaring commercial cities, like the New York. Now for those who actually have to struggle for paying sky rocketing academic fee, the choice of opting for a career line that has bleak monetary opportunities can be quite demotivating. In order to find out what’s in store for New Yorkers, and which jobs have an increasing ‘wanted’ section with good payrolls, read on to find out what’s under the limelight and worth striving for.

1) Business Related Management Occupations

Wall Street is the first place someone looks to for a big pay check. Management occupations are open, waiting and paying good check to those who are qualified and experienced according to the job role. New York has a rising need for marketing professionals, advertisement gurus, sales personnel, financial analysts and managers. A rough annual estimate for the yearly take down by management occupations is $143,670, higher than any other occupation listed on the American bureau’s site of occupations.

1) Health Specialists and Facilitators

New York is more than just one street in one city. Health care specialists are needed statewide. The demand graph and it’s subsequent payroll is quite favorable for those who are associated with the medical field. Healthcare jobs have seen quite a positive side in terms of monetary advantages, be it specialists, aiders, nurses, physiotherapists etc. An average annual income for Healthcare practitioners and related technical occupations has reported to be around $88,060.

 3) Engineering and Architectural Jobs

A high demand of sound architects and engineers has seen a rise in New York along with other continents on the globe. Where most assume that the Middle East is on the roll and needs people qualified in this field of study most, New York skyscrapers and rapidly developing projects are no less than any other metropolitan city. Once on the right board of team, annual income can be estimated up to $83,840.

4) Media, Design and Art Jobs

Entertainment is as important as a food and sleep when it comes to taking off the toll of stressful jobs and busy lifestyles. Media, Design and Art jobs pay quite well and are also signalling the ‘hire’  sign, rather than the cliched, ‘hiring freeze’ sign. An approximate annual income that can be expected for painters, visual artists and media personalities is marked up to $72,120.

5) Training consultants and Education Jobs

Professors cannot be hired until and unless a PhD is there to backup sufficient knowledge and research, if not that then an ample amount of academic qualification coupled with work experience is needed to enter the education jobs in New York. Similarly, training consultants for the corporate world or other sectors are also hired with good payrolls, annual mark of $63,830 can be reviewed.

To avail the most, jumping on the right bandwagon may indicate a ratio of 5 years of average educational input against a lifetime of successful and rewarding career. Annual incomes rates as well as overview of occupational demand has been extracted with the aid of http://www.bizjournals.com/bizjournals/on-numbers/scott-thomas/2013/04/pay-in-market-063.html?page=all and other reputable career facilitating sources. Measure the pros and cons and be sure to make the right decision in order to land on one of the highest paying jobs in the heart of a fast pace city like New York.

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Fantastic Healthcare Opportunities in Rush

I’m getting excited about some of the phlebotomy classes I’ve seen in Rochester. As stated before, my goal is to see job growth in the town of Rush and city of Rochester. That’s why it’s exciting for me to point out exciting job opportunities that I see happening.

One of the largest areas of job growth I’ve seen nationally, and in Rochester, is in the healthcare field. I’ve seen so many job postings recently for Nurses, Phlebotomists, and Nursing Assistants. It’s very encouraging. Many of my daughter’s friends have actually pursued health care jobs because they have been able to find good training to get jobs quickly.

Some of my daughters friends have found quick phlebotomy training that lasted only weeks. So in just a couple short months, they were able to score jobs as Phlebotomists or Patient Care Technicians.

This is amazing. Most jobs require college degrees, or two to four years of your life.

However, these positions can be acquired in a fraction of the time. Just a matter of weeks.

Hiring in healthcare will be part of the engine that pushes Rochester back to prosperity. As these industries grow, so will the well being of the city that we love.

I’ve seen a ton of our local hospitals hiring recently. Unity Health system has had numerous postings for Patient Services Technicians. University of Rochester has also had Phlebotomy Technician openings for awhile. And Fresnius Medical Care has continiously posted jobs for Medical Assistants and Patient Care Technicians.

It’s exciting to see so much job opportunities out there, and I’d really encourage anyone interested in the medical feel to check them out. There’s going to be more and more growth each year in this industry, so it’s a great choice for a long term career.

You’ll get fantastic experience that you can leverage into even higher paying positions like Nurses, Physician Assistants, or even as a Doctor.

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New Job Growth is Coming for Rush

If you live in Rush, you know that living in Rochester is not easy. We have high taxes, and some parts of town like the Crescent are just downright scary.

It’s sad to see some of the shops closing in the past few years. Especially the shops that used to line the Midland Plaza. I have so many fond memories there, and wish that it could go back to its former glory.

I grew up in this town, and I’ve seen the best and the worst of this city. In the recent years, with the economic downturn, Rochester has suffered, but I see a recovery happening.

It’s not all bad news! Currently, the national unemployment rate is at 7.6% and in Rochester, we are better than the national rate at 7%. Rochester is now on the upswing, and my goal is to make this city a better place by helping others to land jobs.

Jobs create great cities. They create happy individuals who can raise happy families. Yeah, there’s been some downsizing in New York with the problems with Xerox, but in my opinion that just makes way for new things.

Creative destruction. The idea that to make way for something new and better, the old needs to be torn down and destroyed first. It is my belief that we are seeing creative destruction at work.

Creative destruction is the process currently happening in Rochester. We’ve faced the initial phases of creative destruction… namely the destruction. Job losses.

Unemployment. Stores closing. But now is our time to flourish. I see a rebirth happening in the city and now is the time for the old to make way for the new, and in my opinion the better things to come!

Going forward, I will be helping as much as I can to connect jobseekers to the employers who seek their talents. Whether it’s resume writing or simply connection making, I’m here to faciliate the job searching experience.

That’s a good sign, and things can only keep getting better in the future. Keep checking out LinkedIn for more job opportunities.

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